My Dog Poops in The House in The Middle of The Night…And I Am Very Upset!

Greetings fellow dog lovers. You are probably here because your pooch does something we all dislike- your beloved dog poops in the house in the middle of the night while everybody else is asleep.

my dog poops in house in middle of night

Or, your pup wakes you up in the middle of the night and you have to stand there, wasting precious sleep time while he circles the yard, looking for a place to poo.

Then you have to decide, will you pick it up then or wait until the morning? Either option is unpleasant, you just want to sleep!

I know I struggled with this same issue.

My dog, Patch, was waking me up constantly and it was making me irritable in the morning, and my husband too.

Combine this with my toddler son who was potty training and sometimes wet the bed, and we were cranky all the time. I knew my son would outgrow his issue in time, but what about Patch?

Surely there had to be a solution that would be safe and helpful for our pet.

I tried all kinds of things- not feeding him after a certain hour, putting down puppy pads, and I even considered letting him stay outside for the night (it was summer time).

But I did not want him to feel lonely or left out of the family, so he stayed indoors. I felt helpless.

Things changed, however.

Naturally, I got to Googling during my lunch break at work, and my search led me to a cool product that worked well for our family, and I am sure it will work well for you too.

Brain Training 4 Dogs is no joke when it comes to making sure your pooch gets the boost he needs in his intelligence. You will just love how easy the program is, and how it magically unlocks your dog’s hidden intelligence.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Each and every pooch has a hidden intelligence inside, and it is all a matter of tapping into it.

Your pup can and will learn better, healthier habits that will keep the whole family happy. Everybody living in harmony is something we all can appreciate.

About Adrienne

The program is headed by Adrienne Faricelli, who is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, and she has been in the game of training pooches for the last ten years.

This lady knows her stuff! Her program is based upon a philosophy of kindness, science, and lack of force.

You will use positive reinforcements- that is, rewards-that will help you train your pet in a way that is fun for both of you. Everybody ends up satisfied.

It works by boosting the bond between you and your dog and sets him or her up for success. And yes, you can use it at any age.

Puppy, middle dog, or even an old dog- they can learn new tricks, despite what the old saying says.

It’s going to change your pup for the better in both the physical and mental sense.

Think about it,

We humans work for rewards.

We go to work because we are rewarded with paychecks and benefits.

We help friends or family because we like the feeling of pride we get by doing so, and because it means we can ask for help too if we need it. It’s not a bad thing to use treats on your dog at all!

And even if you don’t get it right the first time, Adrienne offers a training guide that will help you smooth out any wrinkles, so to speak, that arise out of training.

Plus, you need not worry about Adrienne’s resume. She is fully accredited to work with dogs. She has worked with them for ten years as a behavior consultant and certified dog trainer.

She has also worked with pets intended to be therapy and service dogs. Dogs love her, and she loves them. She’s highly trusted and sought after in her industry.

She became certified in 2010 by the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants and is also a certified CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed) in the United States. It is required that you continuously take new courses so that your certification stays valid.

You can find her work in many popular publications, like USA Today, Daily Puppy, Nest Pets, E-How, and she also writes for Every Dog magazine and APDT Chronicle of the Dog. How’s that for somebody who’s in the know?

How Does It Work?

Most dog training that we use on our pooches is dominance training, which entails the dog behaving in such a way to avoid punishment.

This leads to the pooch feeling poorly about himself- we’re talking low self-esteem, lacking in trust, and slower learning.

But by being positive, you can ensure that your pooch will become a problem solver, learn faster, and actively wants to train.

This is done all by using positive reinforcement training!

Pricing and What’s Inside

The cost of this revolutionary program is just $47. That’s pretty affordable and costs a lot less than training collars, clickers and training spray. And once you pay it, you are all done-never have to pay it again after that. The program is yours for a lifetime.

You get the following when you sign up:

Brain Training for Dogs eBook (328 pages)

21 videos that teach you how to complete the training exercises with your dog and be successful at it!

An 89-page eBook all about Behavior Training for Dogs.

There’s even more in there….

Each step has its own video with it, so you can visualize what it is you need to do with your own pooch.

No guessing games here-it’s all outlined clearly. You will also enjoy access to the members only area where all this great stuff is located in one central spot.

Aside from the great training videos and tips, you can also enjoy some other good, dog related stuff, like Case Studies, a place to send your questions to Adrienne for review, and a community forum for members to chat with one another and get advice.

Owner Training

I was surprised at how much of this training focused on training ME.

Yes, I had to learn some new behaviors if I wanted this to work. You can too, just keep an open mind and stay positive.

The writing in the program is very easy to follow and is written in a way that everybody can understand it.

The instructions are clear and will ensure that you don’t miss any steps or get confused. And Adrienne knows that all dogs are different, so you will not be expected to follow everything to a tee.

There are definitely troubleshooting methods available that you can use in case something doesn’t go quite right.

You will also learn how to use clicker training. You will learn how to feed your dog treats in a way that he or she won’t accidentally bite your fingers.

There are also skills in this program that show you how to use food to your advantage, called fading food lures.

You will also learn about fading continuous rewards, adding verbal cues, and hand signals versus verbal cues, plus simplifying hand signals.

Behaviors You Can Fix

This program does wonders to fix those annoying behaviors. If your dog struggles with whining, barking, jumping, chewing or digging, this program can and will help you solve them.

You can read my whining story down below, as it is what Patch was struggling with at night.

Puppies and dogs whine because it was how their mothers responded to them as a way of providing warmth and food. But as they get older, the moms stop listening and the puppies stop whining because the moms do not feed into the behavior.

Another common issue is barking at nothing. If your pooch just barks for the sake of doing so, the goal is to stop reinforcing the behavior. You can keep your dog away from distractions, like windows, and also ignore the behavior altogether to stop it from happening.

To fix chewing issues, Adrienne offers some great tips. Patch has a nice KONG chew toy that keeps him busy in his crate.

Jumping dogs come as a result of us reinforcing the behavior when they were puppies. It’s cute then, but not so cute when they are 70 lbs! Adrienne shows you how to remedy this.

And for digging, Adrienne shows you how to stop that behavior and why it happens, too-some pooches need a cool place to lie, others are seeking a place to birth their puppies. It’s all covered in the program.

How Did It Work for Me?   

The program worked really well for me and Patch. Patch was whining a lot throughout the night, and it was because he had to poo.

So, I made sure to feed him when we all ate as a family, and then let him out later on. He would go and do his business, and I would not feed him until the morning. But still, he would whine a lot. I knew he did not have to go, as he had already done so earlier.

Adrienne’s technique taught me that responding to those behaviors encouraged them. Behaviors that are ignored go away over time.

I would listen for Patch to whine, and when he stopped, I made sure to go out and give him a treat.

This took a little while but guess what…there is no longer any whining.

He now stays in his crate all night long until the morning hours, when we take him out for his run around the yard and his bathroom break. It works like a dream, and now all of us are sleeping through the night!


For the simple fact that I no longer have to get up and deal with Patch’s whining, this program was so worth it to me. The price was right and very affordable, and much cheaper than consulting a dog expert or even a vet visit.

Plus, it is just the kind of training we wish for our pets- everything is kind, science based and free of force.

There are no shock collars or other punishment methods. Even if you are new to training a dog, you can do this.

You and your pooch enjoy a better connection overall as you work together to achieve the desired results. And the instructions are just a breeze to follow, and it’s all laid out clearly with videos and the ability to contact Adrienne if necessary.

Next time your dog poops in the house in the middle of the night, Don’t deal with it on your own any more. Just get the program and see for yourself how great it is!

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